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PoE Voltage Monitor for STD PoE and Non-STD PoE


Quick Overview

Confirm your PoE standard and Non-standard voltages from 36V to 60V applications. Compliant with 802.3 af, at, bt type3 & 4 standard PoE. This is a great diagnostic tool for network installers that work with PoE.

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Test and Verify PoE Active and Passive

This PoE voltage monitor is specific to monitoring and verifying PSE or Ethernet outlet to either a standard (active) PoE or a non-standard (passive) PoE. It will also monitor and display available voltage simultaneously. The PoE voltage monitor has a built-in PoE interface controller to trigger on 802.3 af, at and bt switch and verify standard PoE type either 802.3 af, at/bt, and power source. The power source can be either end (A) or Mid (B) or both, and power polarity as well as display voltage values.

The operation voltage should be measured when installing a new PoE system or when you're troubleshooting an existing system. The PoE voltage monitor verifies whether there is sufficient voltage power to ensure your PD can function correctly and help avoid damage to equipment when using Non-standard PSE such as some high power injectors.

A passive PoE device is not compatible with the 802.3 af/at standard due to the difference in voltage rating. Differences in voltage ratings can cause problems that often occur to damage a passive PoE end device.

PoE Voltage Monitor Features

  • Verifies the presence of proper voltage for bothe active and passive PoE applications.
  • Verifies and confirms PSE or Ethernet outlet either Active PoE (standard) or passive PoE (Non-standard)
  • Detects and displays PoE (af or at/bt) standard, power source (end or mid or both 4-pair), power polarity and voltage values at PSE connected.
  • Identifies and confirms Non-standard/passive/PoE/injector with voltage values, power source mode and polarity.
  • Voltage range: 36V to 60V for standard PoE and 9V (blue LED) / 12V (red LED) to 60V for Non-standard PoE.
  • Supports and is compliant with IEEE 802.3 af, 802.3 at and 802.3 bt type3 and type4 standard PoE.
  • Verifies the PSE is delivering proper power compliant with alternative A or B or both 4-pair mode in 802.3 af or at/bt standard.
  • Easy method of testing PoE switch / injectors which are Non-standard passive PoE compliant.
  • Plug-and-play for ease of use with battery-free operation.

Specifications Table

Connector Interface 2x RJ45 jack (STD PoE, PSE test jack, Non-PoE injector/PSE, test jack))
Display 4 LEDs indicate IEEE 802.3 af or 802.3 at standard.
Dual 7-digit LEDs indicate power source either End (A) (1/2, 3/6) or Mid (B) (4/5, 7/8) or both and display voltage values.
2 yellow LEDs indicate reversed polarity for power type.
Voltage Range and Max Current Standard/Active PoE    36V - 60V
Non-STD/Passive PoE   9V/12V - 60V
Max current 1 Amps end and mid total 2 Amps.
Standard Compliant Standard PoE testing - IEEE 802.3 af, 802.3 at, and 802.3bt.
Testing One-site testing-PSE
Operating Temperature 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C)
Size 99 x 36 x 26mm / 3.9 x 1.4 x 1 inch
Certification and Compliance CE, FCC, RoHS

Package Contents

  • PoE Voltage Monitor
  • Paper User Manual

Additional Information

UPC 045079161269
Manufacturer Generic
Length No
Color White
OS Support Linux, Mac OSX, Win 10, Win 7, Win 8/8.1, Win Vista, Win XP

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