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USB to SATA or IDE 1.8, 2.5, 3.5, and 5.25in HDD and Optical Drive Adapter


Quick Overview

USB to SATA or IDE 1.8, 2.5, 3.5, and 5.25in HDD and optical drive adapter enabling the connection of both IDE/ATA/SATA hard drives through a USB 2.0 port for Data transfer or migration.

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USB to SATA / IDE Converter uses the USB 2.0 protocol enabling this adapter to connect to both IDE/ATA drives and the new and popular SATA drives. USB converters are a must have device for you to easily transfer data between hard disk drives during PC migration or upgrading, this converter is a must have gadget for any PC service technician.

Supports All drives from 20GB up to 2TB Capacity as well as IDE (ATA-66/100/133) and SATA I and SATA II

Supported drive sizes

  • Supports 1.8" IDE ATA-66/100/133 Drives
  • Supports 2.5" IDE ATA-66/100/133 Drives
  • Supports 3.5" IDE ATA-66/100/133 Drives
  • Supports 5.25" IDE ATA-66/100/133 Drives and Optical Drives
  • Supports 2.5" SATA I Drives
  • Supports 2.5" SATA II Drives
  • Supports 3.5" SATA I Drives
  • Supports 3.5" SATA II Drives
  • Supports 5.25" SATA II Optical Drives

Combo SATA and IDE converter cables with power supply, great for transferring files and a must for any computer store tech bench. Serial ATA and IDE Hard Drive or Optical Drive Adapter Supports IDE Hard Drives from 20GB up to 2000GB (2TB) Supports SATA or SATA II Hard Drives from 80GB up to 2,000GB (currently tested only up to 1500 GB)

The USB to SATA or IDE HDD and Optical Drive Adapter supports IDE or SATA ATAPI Optical Drives CD/DVD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/CD-ROM


  • JM20337 IDE and SATA to USB chip for DUAL Drive Usability!
  • Convert 2.5"/3.5" Serial ATA HDD and 5.25" Serial ATA Devices into USB2.0 interface
  • Convert 2.5"/3.5" IDE HDD and 5.25" IDE Devices into USB 2.0 interface
  • Max data transfer speed 480Mb/s
  • Power adapter for 3.5"/5.25" devices; Bus-Power for 2.5" HDD

Package Includes

  • One 2Amp Power Adapter
  • One USB 2.0 to IDE+SATA Cable Adapter for 40pin IDE Drives &44 Pin IDE Drives
  • 22 Pin SATA Power+Signal Connector
  • Driver CD (only used with Old OS like windows 98, Vista XP and 2000 and MAC OS X Requires No Drivers).
  • User Guide

Additional Information

UPC 729440625252
Manufacturer Coolgear
Length No
Color Black
OS Support No

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